So we have this vision- a garden that we work in on the dairy. My self, my sisters, husbands the employees at farm and their wives. Kids running around in the afternoon sunshine. Plants being planted, plants being watered, cared for. A way to bring everyone together sharing in the value of hard work and care of what we’ve been given. Making the most of what we have. A harvest party as we reap our rewards and invite neighboring farms to feast with us. Only a dream? there is so much more a garden can be as well- therapy for children that have never known love. Hope for those who have never made something with their own hands.Fresh food for those who don’t have access to it…(and what a crime that is in our fertile valley). There is enough to share with every person here and that should be our priority as providers, farmers. Our farms will survive when we start becoming an understood asset to our communities. Create understanding open your doors, invite those in who have never seen a farm, make them understand the importance of farmers.  When we have been given so much how can it take anything away.

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