Boys will be Boys

006A Farmer is a provider to all. Not many can say that. Lilly May and I watch from the window as our boys head to work. How to raise farmer boys? Not sure if it happens naturally or if they are more inclined to like tractors and all things farm because they have no other choice! These boys are natural at helping on the farm and make us very proud. Should they choose to be farmers one day we pray there will be lots of opportunity for them. It is a blessing to be able to work so hard and provide for others through this work. I have admired my husbands lifestyle since I met him, and his passion for the dairy continues to grow…

One thought on “Boys will be Boys

  1. I absolutely loved watching my boys on our farm. They were so little but so serious about the work they had to do. I think it’s served them well now that they’re adults. They both have a very strong work ethic.


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