Our “Hearts”

img_6637What a wonderful night at the 10th Street Farmers Market. We were able to connect with so many in the community about what we are hoping to do at Art to Feed. Husband and kids in tow we decided to be at the market with one day notice. I took all the remaining art I had, my easel and trusted things would work out. We placed a canvas and paints for the community to paint their “hearts” on. We will then donate the painting to Jessica’s House; with the hope we can help promote their cause and give joy to they children they serve. We hope the kids that are served at Jessica’s House will know that there is a community out here who cares. Jessica’s House is an organization that helps img_6631children and youth deal with loss.I became aware of Jessica s house as a nurse practitioner when I needed to refer one of my clients for grief counseling and found very few resources.  I am so excited about how it was received by the community. I feel like one of my biggest job as an artist and a christian is to encourage hope in others, and inspire based on what I have received. I pray for many more opportunities! img_0217

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