“…Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”

Philippians 4:8

-This Blog is intended to encourage creativity, inspiring others to create with their hands, give with their hands, and spread good will to all.-

Each recipe and story is from my heart. I leave room for creativity within each recipe. I try and create my recipes using the simplest and wholesome ingredients, and remove any fussy steps to suit busy lifestyles. As a nurse practitioner I share recipes to nurture and encourage healthy eating habits. These recipes are intended to bring health and enjoyment so share the love!

A Note We all need inspiration. We all need ideas, and encouragement to be creative. To work with what we have, where we are right now in our lives. I hope this blog can inspire you to nurture yourselves by finding enjoyment in food and caring for ourselves, our land and our neighbors.


I have always found fulfillment in creating. For a period in my life that was lost. All was dark and I had never felt so alone. By grace I had someone above who never gave up on me. I was saved and during this short time here I hope I can give to you. As a Nurse Practitioner patients from every demographic struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, health problems as a result of poor lifestyle. My prayer is that we as a culture can find a way to grab a hold of this crazy thing called life and create. Use what you have. Give back. Fail, succeed and do it again. Love doing what you do and you will give to others the same desire. Through living a healthy life we can have the ability to help others and teach our children. I hope this blog fuels your desire to create.

About us  We started our non profit “Art to Feed” with the hopes that sharing our passion for agriculture, art, food and caring for our community can lead to a more hopeful and sustainable 001future. We donate proceeds from art or art works themselves to local causes.  We look forward to our future with “Art to Feed” in hopes to introduce farming and art to all demographics in our community. Visit Art to Feed website to learn more and view or purchase artwork!

Our Heritage Amie Postma is a nurse practitioner. After the birth of their third child she decided to focus on children at home and leading a simpler life. She has enjoyed working with the undeserved and witnessed first hand the suffering  in her own community. As a self taught artist, Amie has always enjoyed painting as a creative outlet. She decided to start Ar to Feed with the hopes of helping others through art. She is daughter of glass blower and gallery owners Buster and Trish Dyer who reside in Mendocino, CA and own  Glass fire Gallery.  Amie’s grandparents are Vernon J. Maino, a surgeon and founder of Gould Medical Group in Modesto CA, and his wife Betty Maino who resides in Cambria CA.  

Jonathon Postma is local third generation dairy farmer in Modesto, CA, who believes Dairy business should be first and foremost about the cow. He is passionate about his work with dairy cows and agriculture in the Central Valley of California. He operates Postma Dairies with his brother Jack Postma and father Pete Postma. He is son of Tami Postma and grandson to Anne Pierini and Bill and Donna Coppedge founder of Modern Steel Structure and all long time residents of the Central Valley. Our oldest son, Stadtler Postma, is 6 years old, Jonathon Peter Postma is 5, and Lilly May is 1.

Pictured here at Maino Ranch, in Knights Ferry, CA.