Create to Give

We all need inspiration. We all need ideas, and encouragement to be creative. To work with what we have, where we are right now in our lives. I hope I can inspire you to nurture yourself by finding enjoyment in creating; food, art whatever it may be and thereby caring for ourselves, our land and our neighbors.

I have always found fulfillment in creating. For a period in my life that was lost. All was dark and I had never felt so alone. By grace I had someone above who never gave up on me. I was saved and during this short time here I hope I can give to you. As a Nurse Practitioner I saw patients from every demographic struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug addiction, health problems and chronic disease as a result of poor lifestyle.

My prayer is that we as a community can find a way to grab a hold of this crazy thing called life and create. Use what you have. Give back. Fail, succeed and do it again. Love doing what you do and you will give to others the same desire. Through living a healthy life we can have the ability to help others and teach our children. I hope this blog helps to fuel that desire in each of us to create.

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