Hearts of Harvest and Art to Feed

img_6750So Grateful and blessed to be able to give with ART to FEED. Last Thursday’s Farmers market was  a truly special time. Working in partners with Hearts of Harvest Foundation, a foundation that gives support to families facing health crisis. Many children and families the foundation  has helped are affected by heart problems at young age, and need extensive surgeries and therapies at hospitals that require extensive travel. This foundation pays for families to stay near to their children, a situation know all to well by my dear friend and vice president of Hearts of Heavest, Jeana Hoff.  The foundation is doing wonderful things for our community, visit Hearts of Harvest online to learn more. This was a very special time for  me to have my family by my side, to hear all the stories form individuals who have been affected by the health crisis of a child, and to see all the new local farms and their wonderful produce! The community was so supportive; children, community workers, families, elderly, and special needs children all painting their “hearts” on the same canvas to show their support. I cant wait to donate this special img_6738painting towards Hearts of Harvest Foundation! Stay tuned to see the finished product!

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